Coaching packages/prices

No long term sign-ups or setup fees

Standard Package – £80/month

  • Monthly personalised training plan.
  • Goal setting and needs analysis.
  • Power profiling.
  • Weekly training analysis
  • Fortnightly feedback and necessary edits made to the training plan due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Monthly phone call.

Premium Package – £120/month

  • Weekly personalised training plans (with edits if required due to unforeseen circumstances).
  • Previous training analysis.
  • Goal setting and needs analysis. 
  • Power profiling.
  • Daily training analysis and feedback.
  • Weekly text communication with coach.
  • Monthly phone call.
  • Psychological strategies to improve confidence, reduce anxiety and maximise performance.
  • Pre-race prep-talk.
  • Post-race analysis talk. 

Nutrition Package – £40/month

  • Optimised nutrition guidance for around and during training sessions.
  • Lifestyle nutrition advice.
  • Specific event nutrition plan.
  • Nutritional training strategies to get the most out of your on-bike training.

Strength and Conditioning Package – £60/month

  • Full S&C plan integrated into your bike training plan to best suit your aims and goals.
  • Pre-training muscle activation sessions to get the most out of your bike training.
  • Post-training stretching programme.
  • 1-1 S&C/Gym sessions (£40/hour plus expenses, COVID restrictions permitting).

Dietary analysis – £20/day analysed

  • Comprehensive analysis of your food/drink intake over the course of however many days you choose.
  • Full macro and micronutrient breakdowns.
  • Nutritional strategies to help you work towards your goals. I.e. improved energy levels, event performance, body composition etc.

(All additional packages can be added or removed from the Basic or Premium Package as and when required. S&C package is recommended for during off-season periods for the most gain)